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Belhaven Black Stout will make you forget Guinness on St. Paddy’s Day

Bellhaven’s first new brew in 45 years is replacing Guinness on taps lines throughout the New York region. Here’s why.

The new Belhaven Black Stout, which made its Long Island debut March 6 at The Good Life pub in Massapequa, demands attention.

After first sampling this brew in a shot glass at a Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts gathering, where Billy Morrissey, the sales rep for importer Belukus Marketing, introduced the beer, I promptly ordered a pint at the bar.


There’s good reason. It’s a light, malt forward sessionable brew with just 4.2 percent abv and 52 IBUs (for the unitiated, IBU is a bitterness gauge).  So easy going down. Tasty too.

Roasty notes predominate on the nose and again on the palate, but there’s also a delightful undertone of milk chocolate with a dry, coffee-like finish. Think of it as a kind of a beer latte.

It also made a fine accompaniment to some chocolate layer cake, too.

Belhaven, of Dunbar Scotland, launched the beer a year ago in the UK. It’s the first new beer launched by Belhaven in 45 years, Morrissey said. Belhaven, founded in 1719 on the site of an ancient abbey brewery, is believed to be Scotland’s oldest brewery. Belhaven is part of the UK brewer and pub owner Greene King.

Belhaven attributes the taste of the new brew to the 100 percent Scottish water used in its brewing along with a unique blend of Scottish triple malts sourced from locally grown barley.

It seems almost sacrilegious to tout a stout that’s not Guinness before St. Patrick’s Day, but what the heck. Belhaven’s Black Stout is a winner.

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