Thieves steal 16,000 bottles of BrewDog prototype beers from UK retailer

BrewDog's Prototype series

BrewDog’s Prototype series

British police are investigating the late night theft of 16,000 bottles of rare beers produced by the iconoclastic Scottish brewer BrewDog.

The beers, worth an estimated £40,000 ($71,000), were stolen from the Essex, England, warehouse of beer retailer Ales by Mail on Dec. 30. Ales By Mail distributes the beers on behalf of the Scottish brewer.

According to published reports a gang of 15 raiders carried out the theft, which was caught by a surveillance camera.

In the wake of the theft, Ales By Mail has made a public plea that retailers, bars and pubs not purchase any of the stolen brews on the black market.

The stolen beer has a retail value of around £40,000, and includes BrewDog beers listed on the brewer’s website as prototypes.

logo-largeThe BrewDog brands stolen include prototype beers Interstellar, Hobo Top and Brixton Porter, along with recent launch Moshi Moshi.  The beers were to have gone on sale this week.

“They are niche craft beers and can only be ordered through the BrewDog website,” Paul Kruzycki, founder and managing director of Ales By Mail, said in a statement.

CCTV camera footage shows a gang of between 10 and 15 thieves, who broke into the warehouse between midnight and 2 a.m. and loaded the beer into a van.

The Prototype series beers, the brewer says, is a chance for its customers “to help us decide what to brew in 2014. “ They are priced on BrewDog’s web site at £6 ($10) per 33ml bottle.

BrewDog describes Hobo Pop as amped-up American wheat beer, produced using extra pale, cara, crystal malts along with wheat and rye. Amarillo and Centennial hops were used. The beer has an OG of 1.0142 and 50 IBUs. Hobo “has bags of vibrant citrusy energy and a complexity you wouldn’t expect in a 4.2% beer,” BrewDog says. “If this hobo had a knapsack, it would be stuffed full of Amarillo, one of our favorite hops.”

Interstellar is a red rye IPA produced using extra pale, crystal and dark crystal malts and rye with Magnum, Willamette and Amarillo hops. The 6.5% abv brew has 65 IBUs and an OG of 1.059. BrewDog says Intersteller has “a complexity on a par with the maintenance manual for the Millenium Falcon. Fuelled by Willamette, this massive beer shares the hop profile of a beer we brewed whilst floating down a river in North West USA… This is an autumnal IPA that will have your palate sent to the spice mines of Kessel, and smashed into who knows what.”

Brixton Porter is a session porter produced using extra pale, dark crystal and black malts, roasted barley and Victoria’s Secret, Bramling Cross and Challenger hops. A 5% abv beer, t has 50 IBUs and an OG of 1.048. “Originally intended as a beer to mark the opening of our Brixton bar, this porter made it further than our ill-fated potential London venue did,” BrewDog says. “With an aroma you’d expect to find in a foreign extra or a stout, this deceptive brown porter will taunt your nose with chocolate, deep rich roasted coffee, and the menacing, smoky salty hit of burning pirate ships.”


Moshi Moshi 15

Moshi Moshi 15 is a 5.2% abv Pale Ale that sells for £2.59 ($4.25) for 33ml bottle. The beer is the brewery’s 15th birthday salute to Moshi Moshi Records, a small London-based label. A rich biscuity malt base takes the bassline, with the odd caramel pop and slap. Heavy hop riffs play on top; resinous resonance from the rhythm guitar, and the bitter notes we love so much on lead.”

A reward is being offered for information leading to the recovery of the beer and arrest of the thieves.



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