Thanks for an amazing first year

As marks its first anniversary beer has become the topic of choice.

What a year it’s been! Corks, Caps and Taps was launched just a year ago.

In that time I’ve written 81 posts —  this will be No. 82 . Not bad considering that this is just a part-time thing.

And, there have been 13,381 visits to the blog and 18,251 pages  have been viewed. More than three quarters of you are from the U.S., largely concentrated in metro New York — not a surprise, really. I’ve written about beer, wine, spirits and cider over the past year. Judging by the numbers, readers mostly have enjoyed reading about beer. And there will plenty more on that ahead.  I’ll be traveling this week to the American Brewers Association Conference in Washington, DC and writing about what American craft brewers  are up to.

To be sure, I haven’t forsaken my wine loving friends or those who prefer spirits.  They’ll get their due — as they happen. The craft beer world, it seems, is much more active.

I thank you for your readership and continued support.  I’m looking forward to another amazing year.

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