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Welcome to Corks, Caps & Taps. I’m Alan J. Wax and I’ll be writing here about the world of wine, spirits, beer and more.  You’ll find news from the drinks world, tasting notes, coverage of industry events and restaurant reviews, among other things. Given my long tenure covering the Long Island wine industry — I started writing about it in 1989 as a reporter at Newsday, there will be some emphasis on this region in my coverage. And much as I enjoy fine wine, there also will be plenty of digital ink about ales as lagers.  I’ve also been an aficionado of good beer since my introduction to craft brewing two decades ago by my former Newsday colleague, Steve Hindy, founder of the Brooklyn Brewery.  Not surprisingly, I also take pleasure in spirits and, of course, fine dining, so I’ll have something to say about these topics, too.

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